Frequently Asked Questions

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General information about the memon® technology

An important aspect of the memon® technology is that it does not physically reduce EMF or EMR. In fact, none of the memon® products will physically reduce the radiation emitted by electrical devices. This does not mean the memon® technology is ineffective or does not have any measurable effects. The memon® technology is an information technology, which does not implement shielding or blocking techniques, but rather neutralizes pathological influences caused by sources of electrosmog and radiation. This is the reason why conventional measurement methods with EMF meters will not provide reliable results concerning the overall effectiveness of the memon® technology. By utilizing the concept of information, i.e. a similar concept as with homeopathy, memon® can neutralize these harmful effects by imprinting a natural informational signature onto these frequencies. This means that each product contains specific informational pattern that can neutralize a specific medium or device. More importantly, memon® can neutralize the pathological effects caused by radiation while still allowing the device to be fully functional. This is a unique principle of operation that virtually no other products can duplicate.
Physical reduction of radiation is of course an effective method in some instances, but less effective for everyday life or many other situations. For example, it would cost tens of thousands of dollars to effectively shield the entire house from radiation. Furthermore, by doing so, this would also block the beneficial terrestrial and cosmic radiation that is extremely important for life on earth. This is simply one of the examples that helps to show how important the information (i.e. subtle energy) technology is. The memon® technology does not only counteract the harmful biological effects of low frequencies, but also of high-frequency radiation, geomagnetic fields, and fine particulate matter. Upon request we can provide a scientific summary of the principle of action, a copy of “memon® effects” brochure, which shows all the various and beneficial effects of the memon® technology which are of course measurable and can be reproduced. Also, a copy of a recent study from the Dartsch® Scientific Institute for cell biological test systems, which shows the effectiveness of the memon® technology at the cellular level against high-frequency radiation.

memon® Bionic Instruments, GmbH and the inventor of this technology have placed a great deal of time and effort into providing scientifically based evidence that shows the effectiveness and widespread beneficial effects of the memon® technology. The results on tests from cell cultures are particularly interesting and indicative of the overall effectiveness of the technology. We hope you find this information both interesting and informative.

Disclaimer of the memon®  Bionic Instruments, GmbH.

We would like to point out that the products of are not remedies and may also not be considered as such. They cannot replace a medical treatment. Memonizers help the body using the principles of homeopathy. This means that the body's self-healing forces can be reactivated by harmonizing its energy and deleting pathogenic, particulate damage information. However, in some people this can lead to short term 'initial deterioration', e.g., the symptoms worsening before improvements set in.

We expressly point out that all information on health improvements is based on reports of the experiences of buyers and users of our products. User statements about the effects of our products have not been checked for accuracy and are made without guarantee. The degree and extent of improvement are individual and dependent on circumstances and can therefore vary hugely.

Statement from memon® Bionics Instruments GmbH:

Due to legal regulations, we are bound to indicate: the technology presented here (such as homeopathy, bio-resonance, aspects of acupuncture) does not agree with the academic viewpoint and doctrine. Impacts and effects of the products are not scientifically recognized. The use of memon® products does not include any kind of therapy and does not replace consultation of physician or alternative practitioner.  

Why harmonization rather than superimposing or shielding?

As explained in the previous section, superimposing means the existing negative information remains. Effective shielding would lead to functional problems. Shielding also produces reflections, the same damaging effects occur, just in a different place. Caution: 90% shielding does not mean that only 10% of the damaging effect occurs - 100% of the negative information remains. Memon® is therefore not designed as a superimposing or shielding technique, but rather towards harmonizing pathogenic information.

Is memonizer® 5G ready?

The memon technology is using the Standard Light Spectrum as its basis of operation and therefore, any negative vibrations that are produced by the latest man-made technologies can be tackled by it. Since we are now in 5G era, and yes, this technology is ready.

Why is the information stored in the memonizer® never lost, even after twenty years?

It is stored in the same way as a music CD or a tape, which can store information for long periods of time.

How can the effect be achieved without any energy sources, such as electricity or magnets?

Because it relies on the principle of resonance. Each atom, molecule, substance, and organism have their own energy fields. In turn, each reacts as other fields meet one another, either in resonance or dissonance.

Does a memonizer® get weaker over time?

If it is used correctly, experience shows that a memonizer® will last for up to twenty years, excluding the memonizer®FOOD and memonizer®BODY, which generally last up to five years with proper maintenance.

What is a memonizer®?

Memonizer® is a device that both store the memon® information and harmonize the medium they are attached to. Each memonizer® is designed for a specific use and application. Memonizer® is a registered trademark and patented.

Can memon® products be combined with other EMF protection products?

No, the memon® products cannot be combined with other products or technologies. Doing so will cause interference between the different systems and render both products ineffective. Therefore, to ensure maximum efficiency and the widespread beneficial effects, memon® products must not be combined with other products that are designed to protect from EMF and EMR.

What is a memonizer® Combi?

The memonizer® COMBI is the fundamental building block for a memon®-harmonized home. Its primary effect electrical (wired) system, air ion balance, fine particulate matter and geopathic zones. It is designed to be attached to the power meter, main power line or plugged directly into a wall socket. The effects created by the memonizer® COMBI can harmonize all rooms within a home.

Why does the memonizer® COMBI come in different sizes?

The sizes reflect the different needs of homes or buildings and are based on the total living space (square footage) and/or annual electricity consumption (in KwH). Each value needs to be reviewed to determine the correct size for installation.

Are there any negative side effects with the memonizer® COMBI?

No, there are no negative side effects. In some rare cases an “initial worsening” can occur, which can be attributed to the body’s adjustment to a new field. This period can also be a “detox” period for a short time after the installation. This effect generally wears off within fourteen days.

Do I still need an air purification machine after installing the memonizer® COMBI?

No, not necessarily. The memonizer® COMBI will help to reestablish a more natural air ion ratio and reduce fine particulate matter within indoors spaces, thus reducing the need for additional air purifiers. However, an additional can be used in combination with the memonizer® COMBI.

How can I test what effect the memonizer® is having on me?

Doctors, healers, and therapists who have a bio-resonance measuring device, bio-functional system diagnostics using the IMEDIS expert system or electro-acupuncture equipment, or who can carry out the Vega-test diagnostics using organ ampoules or kinesiology can prove the effect. To get a real impression, you need to do a 'before and after' comparison.

How will I know that the memonizer® is working?

Some may experience a fresh air effect after installation or notice more dust gathering on the floors. This is a good indication that thememonizer® is taking effect. Most people will not actively notice the effect that memon® has on our bodies, as the effect on the cellular level. Our five senses simply cannot register this change in cells. However, in various biological studies and measurements, we see a profound effect on cells and the long-term protection of cell function. This essentially means that memon® creates a natural environment that allows the body to better self-heal and self-regulate—just as nature intended.

Many individuals, medical professionals, commercial industries, music industries and athletes around the world have been benefiting from this technology. Here in the U.S., many people have experienced many improvements in their lives. Contact us for more info on this if you need one.

What if after I made an investment in the products and technology, but it does not seem to help my problems, can I get my money back or do you have such a guarantee?

Memon® technology and products are no different with all the products we know in the market. The manufacturer guarantees the products work because each product has been tested before it leaves the factory. Whether or not it does work for you is something that you need to consult with your health professionals about your health condition first. This product is not designed to heal illnesses, but to harmonize our immediate environment. Therefore, before making any investment on these products and technology, we suggest you have a consultation with us, which is complimentary and without obligation. We want you to have a full knowledge and understanding of technology before making any investment/purchase.

The memon® technology was created to harmonize indoor spaces allowing the body to better protect itself from pathogenic influences. The harmonization of indoor spaces will help the body become less susceptible for various illnesses. However, the memon® products are not healing products and are not presented as such. The use of memon® products does not include any kind of therapy and does not replace consultation of a physician or alternative practitioner.

There are so many products that claim they work. I tried but it did not work. I am very skeptical in this kind of product although I realize we are facing a new level of problem that cannot be avoided. How is the memon® technology positioned itself in this kind of situation?

This can be explained in many ways. However, the first thing we need to understand is how the natural principles works. The memon® technology is of course based on these natural principles and once this is understood then the core concept of the memon® technology becomes noticeably clear. We also know, due to various studies and measurements, that the memon® technology is effective on both a micro (on single cells) and macro (indoor spaces) level. Even if we cannot actively perceive the memon® effect in action, we know that the products are working regardless.

Why have I never heard about memon® product and technology before?

This technology has been around since 1985, more than three decades in Europe, whereas the memon® company was founded in 2002 to manufacture and market the products. However, the word has been spreading very rapidly within the last decade and the need has only increased. To meet this great need, we decided to launch online via e-commerce platform in 2009.The memon® products are the premium products and we only market and sell directly from our dedicated website worldwide.

I noticed that you do not carry some of the memonizer® as shown on the memon® website. Can I still order it?

We do not display all the memon® products on our website due to inventory needs and customer demand. However, if you are looking for a specific product(s), we can happily add your desired product to our next shipment from Germany ( Special Order) at the same price with no additional charge.

Can I replace the memonizer® BODY classic band with a band of my choosing?

The memonizer® BODY classic consists of two parts: the stainless-steel clasp and the silicone band which consists of memon® material and medical silicone. Therefore, due to the integral nature of both components, they cannot be replaced interchangeable with third party replacement parts.

How long will the memonizer® BODY last and how often must the band be replaced?

According to the manufacturer, if the armband is worn daily, the band will usually need to be replaced every 2-3 years—depending on wear and tear of course. The clasp will generally not need to be replaced unless damaged. Replacement bands also are sold separately and can be purchased directly on our online shop.

I am sensitive to the smell and the feel of metal. Does the memonizer® Body produce smell?

No, it does not. The materials used to make memonizer® Body classic, Sport and Pendant have been pre-selected and approved for its grade, and quality before the products are made. Please refer to the materials and its explanation before making any purchase. You may want to consult with the health professionals (doctors, practitioners both holistic and/or medical) prior to making any purchase regarding your sensitivity of materials. You are welcome to ask us for an advice before making any purchase. For your and our convenience, please refer to our return policy regarding the memonizer® Body. All memon® products are nickel-free.

Do I need to install the memonizer® WATER in my house as well?

As is commonly known, drinking water has been treated in various ways to make it as drinkable, safe, and as clean as possible. Furthermore, the natural structure of water is negatively influenced by EMF and EMR on its way to our homes. Therefore, to restore water to its natural structure and properties, the memonizer® WATER is required to complete the process. To further protect the natural structure and properties of water in our homes, we recommend installing the memonizer® COMBI, memonizer® W-LAN and memonizer® WATER to ensure the highest quality harmonization is achieved.