Something to think about it.

What if we could see electro-smog? Would that make things
easier or more complicated? Would we be frightened? We would probably act
immediately and do something about it, right? Technological progress has always
been known to have two sides—on one hand, it is pleasant and on the other hand
rather unpleasant. Most of the time we prefer to see the benefits and advantages
but often overlook the disadvantages. Electricity is everywhere, constant
connectivity, convenient voice control, working wirelessly when and where we
want and so on. But are we forgetting the unpleasant side? At what price are we
paying for the “comfort?”.

The memon technology, its company, and us are by no means against progress or modern technology. We want to create awareness for responsible use of the technology: The memonizers make it possible for all of us to use modern technology despite of electromagnetic fields and radiation effects. The great news is more and more doctors and scientists worldwide are confirming the lasting effect of the memon Technology.
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