Overall Rating: 100.00%
Average Rating: 10.00/10
After installed our Memonizer Combi, and it has been a few days, but I do feel that something is better, our home is cleaner , and more peaceful...
Julie. K, Missouri
The memon technology is great!!
It has helped me in a HUGE way. I have a seizure disorder that is trigger by electronic smog and with in 24 hours, my seizures went from around 4 per day down to ZERO!!
Anonymous, U.S.A.
I have bought three bracelets (Memonizer Body) and they are absolute miracles!!.

I was struggling with feeling dizzy and strange when I was at a shopping center. I truly notice how horrible I feel when I go in to a store or a mall where there is massive Wi-Fi and I do not have my bracelet ( Memonizer Body) on. And my daughters were experiencing that on campus and in classes. My daughter said it really helps with mental clarity being in class rooms that have significant Wi-Fi.

I bought the one bracelet and immediately felt the difference and no dizziness so then I gave my bracelet to one of my daughters and they would share wearing it. Then I bought one for my other daughter and to replace the one that I gave her sister and I am not sure which one she had…. If it was the initial one I bought and loaned her or the second one that I bought. I am a huge advocate of the bracelet (Memonizer Body) for sure!!
The bracelets (Memonizer Body) are amazing and I have recommended them to several people and so have my daughters!

Annette. M, Washington

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