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The memon® ecological certified companies

Big impact with memon® Technology, First in the U.S.A.

We would like to offer you with the most important technological innovation that enhances the quality of your living/ or workplace environment with a significant comfort that you had never experienced before. By installing the memonizers, it will optimize your living/workplace and the quality of indoor climate will be harmonized and improved (more presence of negative ions). All forms of radiation exposures (destructive waves) that create the pathogenic (disease causing) will be deleted completely and restore it back to the natural state for the next 20 years at 750 nanometer (standard light spectrum is between 390 – 780 nanometer). The tremendous result will show in the dust particles reduction to 58.20% ranging from 0.30 to 0.80 microns. As for the memonizer water, it will harmonize the water entirely to the highest vitality index which can be found in the natural spring water, much softer, refreshing. As a memon® certified company, we are presenting with pride a significant contribution to the protection of humans, plants, animals and comfort and the environment.

The convenience of wireless communication that you need is no longer become an issue anymore because we've taken care of possible side effects. As you know, many people complain about sleep disorders to the permanent exposure to electromagnetic fields, geophatic stress, we’ve gotten the answer.

memon® is the result in decades of research by the engineer Winfried M. Dochow, who developed a unique technology which removes the harmful radiation information permanently that built into the memon® , both the negative effects of artificial radiation fields, such as mobile phones and computers, as well as that of so-called "earth radiation" as they posed for example by water veins and global grids.

Experience with our memon®-equipped facilities and new energy to enjoy the best days of the year and years to come with the soothing feeling of security.


The memon® Environmental Seal is provided exclusively for companies with complete installed memon® Environmental Technology throughout the business sector. The criteria is as follows:

1. Must install the memon® Memonizer COMBI together with
2. memon® Memonizer WATER AND
3. memon® Memonizer POOL (or swimming pool if available), such as Hotels, etc.

The memon® consultant is knowledgeable to advise the proper Memonizer and assembly that work within the applications.

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