About memon®

We understand memon® as being more than the sum of its parts. We are memon® and we live memon®. In this area you will learn more about us and the company. Join us and discover why "Is memon® in your life yet?" is more than just a slogan. 

For more information about the technology, principle, history, scientific tests and studies, etc, a separate PDF download is provided on the left bar on this site. 


Personal experience and the desire for improvement have often been the best resources for new ideas. And sometimes they can lead to something really big. Read more....


What makes us move
If we reduce nature to that which we understand, then we are not capable of survival. (Hans-Peter Dürr)
In our modern high-tech world, we need perspectives that bring us back into harmony with nature. Otherwise, our way of life will push nature further and further onto the sidelines and we will lose more and more of the foundation of our existence. Read more...


The approach

In order to reduce environmental pollution in the long term, damaging vibration information must be deleted, thus eliminating its negative impact. At the same time, the immediate environment should be naturally harmonized so it has a stress-relieving effect and promotes relaxation. Read more....

Success factors

Ten good reasons to choose memon® Bionic Instruments
We live the memon®, do you live the memon® too?
We have put together Ten good reasons to choose the memon® bionic instruments: Read more....

Disclaimer of the memon® Bionic Instruments products. 

We would like to point out that the products are not remedies and may also not be considered as such and they cannot replace the medical treatment. Memonizers help the body using the principle of homeopathy. This means that the body's self- healing forces can be re-activated by harmonizing its energy and deleting pathongenic, particulate damage information. However, in some people this could lead to a short term "initial deterioration", e.g the symptoms worsening before improvements set in.

We expressly point out that all information on health improvements are based on reports of the experiences of the buyers and users of our products. Users' statements about the effects of our products have not been checked for accuracy and are made without guarantee. The degree and extend of improvement are individual and dependent on circumstances, and therefore, vary hugely.